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We're Back!

Deadly Submarine returns

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Posted: 19/03/19

By | Matthew Evans | @M_R_Evans1



Hello and welcome back to Deadly Submarine.

In October 2018, I took the decision to close the site. This was not an easy choice and it was a decision I have come to regret as the weeks and months have passed. At the time, I believed it was the correct course of action, allowing me to evaluate the growth of the site and to adjust to the increased demands said growth had placed on me personally. I still believe it was the prudent path.

The announcement of that decision was met with a surprising, somewhat overwhelming outpouring of support, both on social media and through private correspondence. I had never expected the site to be as valued as it subsequently proved. Even as I was taking the required steps to complete the site's closure, I had already resolved to a return at some stage in the future.

I wasn't sure when, but I knew it wasn't if.

Why return now?

As I was contemplating resurrecting the site, I visited the Deadly Submarine Twitter page and was stunned to find that our absence had not damaged the social media presence you had helped to build for us. Furthermore, the following had grown! I relaunched a new Facebook page and within a week you had rebuilt a small yet greatly appreciated audience on that platform based on nothing but a promise of a future return.

I felt, and feel, that such loyalty couldn't be ignored. In some senses, I feel I owed it to everyone who had supported the site to produce some form of content, with the caveat that it must be quality content. I hope that in the coming months and years you will conclude that our offering has been of a sufficient standard.


So, what am I hoping to achieve with this relaunch?

In the short term, I would like to re-establish Deadly Submarine as a source of alternative, honest and quality content. To do this, I'm aiming to produce compelling pieces that you enjoy reading.

In the medium term, I'd like to grow the site's reach and interactivity, as a greater volume of feedback allows me to see what has been successful and where there are opportunities to learn (we all make mistakes!).

Looking further into the future, there are a whole host of ideas and possibilities that I would love to be able to explore, however they are very much dependent on the short- and medium-term success and sustainability of the site.

What's changed?

I appreciate it's been almost six months since most people will have visited the site, so things are likely to be a little different to before.

Some of you may notice our new logo. Let us know what you think!

There have been various aesthetic changes, with new artwork found in most sections of the site. Our history page is now, in my opinion, much more functional and the changes made based on your feedback should help in making your experience more enjoyable. Take a look and let us know if we've got it right.

Whilst there are visual and performance improvements sitewide, the biggest change has happened behind the keyboard. I am proud of what I have built and where you have graciously allowed me to take that and I feel it is a logical step, in the pursuit of honesty, to stand by my convictions and put my real name to the work published on Deadly Submarine. Whilst my contact details will be at the top of most articles, you can find me at @M_R_Evans1 on Twitter or email me at mevans@deadlysubmarine.com. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Of course, I cannot forget the changes at Prenton Park. Wembley Warriors such as Ritchie Sutton have departed, new faces such as David Perkins and Ben Pringle have arrived, and we've even seen a blast from the past in the return of Chris Dagnall. You can visit our Players page to see our profiles of the new arrivals.

Oh, and there's the small matter of an incredible drive towards a second successive promotion!

It's good to be back, now let's help ensure Rovers are saying “We're back” in League One next season.


Thank you

We'll discuss the various on- and off-field talking points in due course, but I'd just like to take this time to express my gratitude to each and every person who has supported this site, and by extension me personally, over the past two years. Your support has made this project possible and I will be forever grateful for that.

Thank you.

I hope to see you visiting the site again soon,

(Deadly Submarine Founder)