Iconic people, records and moments from the history of Tranmere Rovers

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From the club's formation as Belmont Association Football Club in 1884, Tranmere Rovers has a long and storied history. Players, managers, club records both on and off the field of play — events can, and have, changed the course of history, both for better and worse. At Deadly Submarine, we have compiled 'The Timeline' — a chronological record of over 200 key events in Tranmere Rovers' history.

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Whether they are a master tactician or an expert man-manager, the person charged with the responsibility of being Tranmere Rovers' boss literally holds dominion over the hopes and dreams of players, owners and fans. From former clubs to personal achievements, our manager profiles will provide you with some of the most comprehensive background information about all Tranmere Rovers managers.

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There are many paths to 'iconic' status. Goals. Saves. Moments. Loyalty. Whilst success is always built around a team, some players elevate themselves above their contemporaries in the minds of supporters. Whether it's a promotion-winning or relegation-preventing goal, unrivalled consistency at either end of the pitch or simply unconventional hairstyles or behaviours, these players become Icons.

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Articles covering various historical topics

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“Never Heard Of Them”

Exploring left field playing acquistions.

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Rovers Remembrance

TRFC players who sacrificed during WWI and WWII.